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What is the name of this plant.


By Notepad

Suffolk/Norfolk border, United Kingdom Gb

I have in my garden a bushy plant, about 24/30 inches high and about 18 inches across. It's leaf is feathery and it has teeny tiny very pale pink flowers, so pale they look white. It's about two years old. It is called something like DIOSMO but I can't find that when searching the Internet. Can anyone help me with the correct name as I would like to learn more about it.



I wonder if you mean Diosma, which comes in pink, white or yellow as far as I know. Maybe more colours. Type in that in google images and check if it is the same plant. Then just click on one which is being shows by a garden centre or some place who should know about it and check out its website. If it is a good one, you'll find a lot of info. If it is that one, here is the botanical name. Good luck.Coleonema pulchellu.

28 Feb, 2009


Many thanks indeed Marguerite. What a difference one little letter can make!

28 Feb, 2009


celebrate was once mis transcribed to celebate and that is why the monks have the lifestyle they have! no offense intended so accept apologies if needs be.

28 Feb, 2009

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