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Hi guys.Its me.
Do you guys remember i said i had 6 golden crest conifers in my raised beds,Well i have decided to move them.Can i do it now or not?.Will they survive in very large pots,Or do they have to go in the ground.And advise on how to move them would be a great help.



You can put them in pots, but they will outgrow them within a year or so. I know you only put those in earlier this year, so they shouldn't be too difficult to move without damaging the roots - Dig around the base of them with a garden fork first, starting a 9 inches out from the centre and working round. I reckon they'll come out easily enough,but try not to break the roots and keep a good rootball round them. You can do it any time this month up till mid October, but water well in their new positions.

9 Sep, 2011

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