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if i need to make a base for my shed witch is 4 x 6 and i went out and wanted to buy paving slabs witch are 400mm by 400mm how many would i need ???



Carly 1' = 300mm
Therefore 4' = 1.2m and 6' = 1.8m
So that would be 3 slabs x 5 slabs = 15 slabs altogether

8 Sep, 2011


Scottish, not only a nice pic but also good with numbers :):)

8 Sep, 2011


I may not be arty Lil....but hand me a power tool and any hard labour job.....and I'm your Gal!!!
It's a standing joke in my house...most girls get perfume etc from Santa...I'm happy with anything from the DIY store. All the boys at work always come to me first for advice and to borrow tools!!
I've even got all the tools that would have cut up all your mosiacs just fine!!

8 Sep, 2011


Now you tell me.....about the mosaic cutting tools :)
Standing joke here is that I'm the immigrant girl with the strong back. No need to call a buddy over to lift or move something heavy, 'Lil can do it'.

8 Sep, 2011

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