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Can anyone reccommend a suitable Acer tree ( thats gives nice autumnal colours), that will without worry grow North-west UK?



the Acer platanoides are hardy in my open hilly east midlands garden I have Acer p 'drumondii' and 'crimson king' both came through prolonged -12 deg
I cannot grow the japanese acers eg palmatum especially the 'disectums'!!

7 Sep, 2011


Oh yes! I know the Platanoide "crimson king" I have seen them all over here in Manchester, the burncoose provides some tree and there hardiness So I'm going to browse alot. Oh and is late October/November a good planting time?

7 Sep, 2011


The best planting time for trees and shrubs is while they're dormant. Just don't plant it if the soil's frozen!

7 Sep, 2011


One of my favourite Acer trees is Acer griseum (paper bark maple) doesnt get quite as big as Crimson King, to about 5m tall. On top of the beautiful peeling bark its leaves turn orange and red in autumn. :)
I was advised to make sure you give your newly planted trees plenty of water during their first Summer.

7 Sep, 2011


I have been considering Acer Griseum for a while, but I have read its hardiness is only to -5 I'm not sure whether it'd be alright over the winter, but If I can then I will as Acer Griseum is the on eI really want :)

8 Sep, 2011


Hello Meme, I thought Acers were well hardy, I know they are susceptible to late frosts when they're in leaf which can be damaging and are prone to leaf burn from wind but thought when dormant in the Winter months they can tolerate the cold. I bought mine from a local garden centre in January and it came through -15 temps last Winter, we are in a frost pocket and all my acers have been fine over the years but having said that, if you are worried about losing one, not worth the hassle.

8 Sep, 2011

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