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I have a eucomis and I need help on how to care for it. The flowers have died but new shoots have started to come on the end so should I leave it alone? Its indoors in a pot on the windowsill but it looks very sad. The leaves have drooped and gone soft and they have changes colour to a pale green/yellow. What am I doing wrong?

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Is it this one

5 Sep, 2011


Maybe it has shooted because you bought it inside???, plant's are also doing funny things this year too.
I have one of these in the garden, it is in a pot an before it gets too cold I put it in the greenhouse and so far it has done well, I don't cover the pot and it went through our hard winter, I stand it on the soil and just leave it, I used to get one flower come up but this year I had three come up so I potted it up into a bigger pot, mine is on my pictures, also at the right time you can save the seeds also take leaf cuttings, that I have yet to try. Hope yours goes along ok :o)))

5 Sep, 2011

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