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I'm keen to experiment, and I was wondering what fruits you can grow from seeds/stones, and how I should go about doing this?

Time is of no importance, I'd just like to give it a try :)





Many people grow seedlings from all kinds of pips - melon, lemon, etc., but generally, these make rather uninteresting trees or plants which generally don't produce fruit. If you want to try anyway, just stick some seeds in pots and keep in the house.

2 Sep, 2011


With apples/pears/plums/cherry and other top fruit you don't even need to keep them in the house. Just almost fill your pot with seed compost (you don't want weeds appearing) add your seeds - one variety per pot - and cover with grit. Give a good soak then put away in a corner and forget about until spring.

2 Sep, 2011


Thanks very much, I'm not bothered about whether they produce fruit for now, so I'll give it a go using both pieces of advice! Thanks again :)

2 Sep, 2011


Sorry, I wasn't very clear - I mentioned melons and lemons, and that's why I said keep in the house.

2 Sep, 2011


I used to do this quite often, for fun, when I had a house with wide windowsills. Lemon and grapefruit made pretty little plants, as did avocado and the seeds out of a block of tamarind. But, as Bamboo says, the plants are not going to fruit, but I enjoyed the experiments for all that.

2 Sep, 2011


I planted 5 orange pips about 4 weeks ago, and now have 5 little seedling orange trees. I also don't mind if they don't fruit, because it's a bit of greenery for the house, and the leaves smell delicious when you rub them. Eventually they may fruit, but it isn't so easy with apples and pears, etc. because the trees grown for fruiting are usually grafted onto a stronger stock--I think it's quince for pears. But a syou say. it's the experimentation that's the exciting bit! .......Annie

2 Sep, 2011


Lychees are easy from the stones.
My grandfather grew a mango long before I was born from a stone that he bought back with him from India, although I'm told that it never fruited.

3 Sep, 2011

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