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Good morning

A friend of mine recently gave me a couple of echium seedlings which I have grown on in the greenhouse and are now about a foot high. I have never grown these before and wondered if, given the time of year I could leave these in the greenhouse for the winter and plant out after the frosts next year? I dont know which speices I have but my friend tells me they are blue flowers and grow to about 8ft

Regards Ray



It'll be Echium pininana - Tree Echium. I've been told that it's native to the Canary Islands. It's a biennial - flowers in its second year, then dies. They can survive the mildest winters outdoors here in Cornwall, but more usually die from cold in my experience.

So keep it frost free in the greenhouse and plant it out next spring after the last frosts are over in your area. Then step back smartly and watch it rocket up! Good luck with it.

2 Sep, 2011


Ok thank you for the advice

2 Sep, 2011


It can take 3 years to flower - most of mine do. Also wear gloves when handling.

2 Sep, 2011


Ok thanks Ill remember that

7 Sep, 2011

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