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What type of soil does a lantern tree like ,& would it grow in a Spanish island called Lazarote ? It 's winter temp is approx 22c days to 14 at night to summer which is approx32 down to 16 at night . I don't have much shade in my garden & the soil is very poor. Like concrete below 8ins , but could put in 20in pot or so .Is it worth me trying ?

Best Regards Mick Hester

. In summer about 30c down to 16c ay night . I don't have very much



Crinodendron...It does NEED rich moist soil Mike and lime free. Partial shade.

30 Aug, 2011


I don't think a Crinodendron will survive the heat in summer, and they really do need to be in the ground.

30 Aug, 2011

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