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By Casso

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

On impulse I have bought a sweet pepper plant. I don't have a greenhouse. Can I grow it in the open?



I've been harvesting mine for a few weeks now in the greenhouse so it may be a bit late to get any pepers on it now, but as they say its got two chances!

26 Aug, 2011


You could grow it indoors if you have a wide windowsill.

26 Aug, 2011


I imagine that there isn't much time left in the UK for outdoor peppers, even if you have a warm and sunny enough exposure for them to do well. You will probably want to move it indoors soon, to a sunny window in a warm room, and be ready to wash the leaves weekly to keep spider mites off.

27 Aug, 2011


Thank you for the replies. The plant has some tiny green peppers growing and there are still a few flowers. I'll try growing them indoors.

27 Aug, 2011


I have this on a windowsill indoors and most of the tiny green peppers have now turned red. Will they grow bigger? There are some more tiny green ones appearing and lots of new flowers.

20 Sep, 2011


Do you know what variety it is, Casso? Some kinds ripen at just an inch or two long. Once they turn color, they don't get any bigger, and the later peppers are smaller than the earlier ones. They should still taste good, though "stuffed peppers" goes from entree to canape.

21 Sep, 2011


Thank you Tugbrethil. I'll pick a couple and see what they taste like.

21 Sep, 2011

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