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My potatoes have produced a fine yield and are good quality. Snails and perhaps other underground pests have attacked them. About 20% of them have holes and some have been very badly damaged. My preferred option is to leave them in the ground and dig them as we need them but I can see that they will continue to be scoffed! We have enough to last us approximately two months. From my farm upbringing, I would think it's better not to harvest and store them while tops are still green due to issues of freshness and even possible decay. Is this correct? Are there any other options or observations that you could offer?
What about prevention of the problem for future years? I had seen leatherjackets when preparing the soil, which hadn't been cultivated before. I feared the worst from them and so I applied 'nematodes' after planting. I must say I am amazed to find such damage from snails. (I found a snail inside a potato which had been half eaten). I am familiar with their destruction of other produce but didn't expect it in the case of the potatoes.



I have for the last two years grown my potato's in hessian sacks. No damage to the crop whatsoever, not even a wire worm hole ( touch wood )

Also, when cutting the leaves off I have just let the soil dry tied the sack top and stored it in a cool shed, Last year they were good a month later. A picture of one of this years sacks on my profile.

24 Aug, 2011

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