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By Ashlynn

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I have some young trees growing in the 'wrong' places, ie from under the garage, in the garden wall and the middle of a mature hydrangea. I can cut them down but how do I get rid of the root? Thanks



if you cant dig them out then you could use root /stump killer. basically cut the stems down and then paint the cut surfaces according to the instructions on the can.

24 Aug, 2011


Cut them down as Seaburngirl says, then either make cross cuts with a knife or your secateurs to penetrate the remaining wood and apply SBK, cover with something - a bit of cling film, an upturned pot, anything like that. If the stumps left behind are big enough, drill into them with a small or medium wood bit to make holes about quarter inch deep and fill those with SBK.

24 Aug, 2011


Gee! Thanks, guys. Just one question - what is SBK and where do I find it? ET

24 Aug, 2011


SBK is a brushwood killer, comes in a plastic bottle, available at garden centres or anywhere which sells gardening supplies. Except Wilkinsons, where they appear to have stopped selling it, couldn't get it this year in my branch, shame, it was a lot cheaper there than at the garden centre.

24 Aug, 2011


Just be sure to paint it on right after making the cut--the stump will seal itself off within 10 minutes.

24 Aug, 2011


You're wonderful! Many thanks indeed. My sister is po faced about poisoning the poor things but I really can't let them get to any size - which if course they will do if not eradicated. My thanks again; much appreciated. Ashlynn

26 Aug, 2011

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