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Can anyone help identify this plant. Its an Annual. Only grown inside, not from UK. You plant the seed/corns in about May and they flower from June to September. Leaves are hairy. Flower can be in Mauve or Pink. Seed/Corns are like scaly grubs and break very easy. My Dad remembers buying them and said they were at least a £1 a seed. Help!!!

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It is Achimenes, formerly known as the Hot Water Plant. Grown from rhizomes, and originate from central America. They can be obtained from Dibleys, at Ruthin in North Wales, they have a lovely selection of colours.

22 Aug, 2011


They make a huge number of corms that you can grow on, so you never need to be short of them again!

22 Aug, 2011


What a lovely healthy row of pots you have there!

I grow these, too - and I stop watering them when they finish flowering, dry the pot out and then tip the whole lot into a tray in the spring, rescue the 'corms' or 'rhizomes' and replant them in fresh compost. Off they go again - they do make more corms each year. Lovely plants. :-)

22 Aug, 2011


Thank you so much everyone. These are truly lovely plant and as Spritzhenry and Steragran say they are so easy to grow and give such pleasure - now we know what to call them. Thank you much again

23 Aug, 2011


They are very late to sprout, though, so don't give up on them. The rhizomes look like little pink scaly sausages. Plant them into new compost, on their sides and cover with quarter inch of compost. Keep moist until they sprout at end of May or in June.

23 Aug, 2011

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