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In February I bought 3 Buddleia Blue Chip, they are supposed to be dwarf and compact, smothered in flowers. Mine are now very tall and straggley with very little flower on them. Have I done something wrong or have I been sold the wrong plants? Anyone else had them?



Hi Jazzy could you add a photo to your question please. This particular buddleia may be described a dwarf but it still grows to around 80cm.

22 Aug, 2011


Hi Moon growe, many thanks for your reply

I have put a photo on. Hope it has attached itself to this response, this is the first time I have used a site like this. I was also going to add the picture that was in the advert but I am not sure if I should due to copyright laws. I wanted you to see the difference. It can be found on many gardening websites if you wanted to look at it.

Sorry I took so long replying, very busy with grandchildren at the moment - school holiday.


24 Aug, 2011


You need to add the photo to your question, by editing - you can't add them to a reply

24 Aug, 2011

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