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I.D please - I have this tree/large shrub that i cannot identify ?? It's been in my garden as long as i have lived here (around 20 years) it's now around 12ft tall and purple in colour all year, until the leaves drop.
I'm sure one of you will see it and I.D it straight away

P1011224 P1011225



It is a Cotinus Coggygria or Smoke Bush. I think that it woul benefit from a hard pruning.

21 Aug, 2011


Reshape in Spring if you want to - I imagine that's a path or walkway to the left of the Cotinus, so don't prune too much off if you really don't want it spreading sideways. It is Cotinus, as Pimpernel says, and the variety is probably 'Royal Purple'

21 Aug, 2011


It looks as though the plant is growing away from the decking naturally. A good hard prune in winter, I would reduce it by half at least, and it will be stunning next year. It will be as tall as it is now by the summer, but thick and full.

21 Aug, 2011


Thanks guys. Very helpful; as always.

23 Aug, 2011

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