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By N3tyy

Lancashire, England Eng

We planted potatoes about 14 weeks ago. Covered as they were growing and have a lot of lovely leaves/flowers, but on checking there are no potatoes at all? What are we doing wrong. I did try a small container in a different part of the garden which had the same growth and lots of potatoes.



Hi N3tyy and welcome to GoY. Are you sure you dug deeply enough to find the tubers? They can be a good forks depth, or even more, down in the soil.

21 Aug, 2011


Hi We planted seed potatoes (cara) in a container 3'6" I have emptied it completely and there were three tiny potatoes. Very disappointed as, as I mentioned earlier I planted some potatoes out of my veg rack in a small container and have lots. Thank you for the welcome.

21 Aug, 2011


Personally I've never had any success with growing potatoes in containers. Cara is a main crop potato and needs around 18 weeks from planting the seed potatoes to harvesting. Have you kept the container well watered and has it been in full sun?

21 Aug, 2011


Ah You have answered my question. Did think I was watering enough, but checked and the soil was quite dry, which I rectified, but probably too late. And no not in full sun, as was the other container !!!! I will try again, and see if I have more success. Thank you so much for your help. I have just read your profile it is fascinating with lovely photos. Thanks once again.

21 Aug, 2011


Good luck for next year N3tyy that is one of the great things about gardening, there is always another year! And thank you for the complements!

21 Aug, 2011


I have grown spuds in containers this year, did have a problem with potato blight in one sack, but the rest were OK.

If you think they are dry, put your hand down the side of the pot/sack and feel.

Inserting a plastic tube down the center, ensures that water is getting to the lower part of the sack, but be careful not to over water as you may get rot.

At the moment I have 3 sacks of potatoes growing for Christmas and they are all doing well. Planted at two week intervals.

You will not get the same yield from pots/sacks etc as you would from growing in the open ground.

Did you, keep covering the plants as they grew, until they reached the top of the container?

You should treat them the same as growing in open ground and keep banking/trenching them. (bringing the soil up around the plants)

As Moongrower says 'Cara' are main crop so maybe you have been too eager to lift them. They should have finished flowering before lifting. (not all varieties flower)

Next year try 'Homeguard' they have a lovely flavour and are a very old variety. i had a lot of success with them this year.

21 Aug, 2011


Hi Grannyb. Well clearly I didn't do the watering correctly. The tube sounds an excellent idea. As Moongrower suggested I have obviously lifted them too soon, a waste, but a learning curve. I did cover until they reached the top and thought as the leaf and flowers were so strong that all would be well !! Will try again, and given all your support and knowledge hope to get a result. Thank you for your reply and will try Homeguard next time, in open ground. Will post pics to let you all know :o) Thank you x

21 Aug, 2011

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