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By Kennea

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I wonder if you can help! We have a Madame Alfred carriere rose, bought and planted close (but not under)
a north facing wall. We provided it with a good start and it has produced an amazing ammount of foliage! But absolutely no flowers or buds. Any ideas on why?
Many thanks. Pauline
Ps sorry no photos



I am no rose expert, but one thing that should be done about any plant that has too much of foliage and does not flower or bear fruit, is to prune it. When excess foliage takes up all the nourishment from the soil, it does not give a chance for the plant to do anything else. Roses need pruning after flowering but in this case it should be done beforehand too if the plant is big enough. Roses need a lot of sunshine too. Hope this helps.

21 Aug, 2011


Can I ask you 2 questions Kennea,
Firstly what are you feeding it? too much nitrogen in the fertilizer will produce leaf rather than flowers in roses. Secondly is it getting enough light?

21 Aug, 2011


Also, is this its first year? Many older roses, especially climbers, only bloom on year-old growth.

22 Aug, 2011

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