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Green Tomatoes
I have lots of tomatoes but they do not appear to be ripening. Is there anything I can do to help them turn red,
or should I just leave them?



Heat and sun is what they need. Can they be shifted to a warmer, sunnier spot? (If all fails, pick them green and make green tomato chutney, which is very good.)

21 Aug, 2011


If they,re still green when the plants start to die off, pick them and put a sheet of polythene in a drawer, or similar
lay the green tomatoes on this, and put a banana in with them, cover with another piece of polythene,and close the drawer, check every couple of days to see if they,re starting to ripen. derekm

21 Aug, 2011


if they are in a greenhouse try putting ripe bananas under the plants. are you watering and feeding them ?

21 Aug, 2011


Thank You TULSALADY this sounds interesting I will try it.

Thank you Derekm and OJIDWAY 93 I will try all 3 ways.

21 Aug, 2011


Once they start to ripen always leave one red one . The gas given off by both ripe tomatoes and bananas helps ripening. So if you give up and pick them green put a red one with them. In the house a tomato is much less smelly than a banana and lasts longer!

21 Aug, 2011


You can strip some of the leaves off the plants to let the sun get at the tomatoes more easily. I saw this on a recent gardening progamme. All my tomatoes are grown outside and the ones standing on a sunny wall definitely ripen quicker than the ones against the house, which get less sun.

22 Aug, 2011

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