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how to build a stone arch?



I have built stone walls but never an arch. As I understand it however you create a form made out of wood and then build the arch round it, the tricky bit is getting the keystone in place at the top.

20 Aug, 2011


There's probably somewhere on the net that'll explain how to do this, but MG is right in that you have to have a template to work around. How about the local library? Annie

20 Aug, 2011


In India Annie?

20 Aug, 2011


Thanx:) I really appreciate that.

21 Aug, 2011


They do have libraries in India. I've used them!

23 Aug, 2011


I'm sure I just wonder if they would have a book on building a stone arch. In fact I've just tried on Amazon and failed to find anything.

23 Aug, 2011


'Brickwork for the garden'. Bought through Amazon about 6 months ago.

23 Aug, 2011



23 Aug, 2011


Evening moon growe, you want to make an arch? I`ll try to explain. Please excuse my spelling. First decide how wide you need the arch, then marke on the floor, eg, 6ft. mark a straight line on the floor the width of your arch. Mark the middle of the line. Make a fixing here (nail,screw,etc) Now attach a piece of string 3` long to your fixing and mark a semicircle connecting either end to your origonal line. Now you have your drawing. Next is the tricky bit. If you have a big protactor its easy, if not you have to do it by maths. You need to divide the 180 degrees into an odd number( to allow for the keystone) Say for example you use 8 pieces for the wedges and number 9 being the keystone, you see what i mean? Mark off the angles on your drawing. I used a sthil saw to cut my peices. The trick is ( I found ) is to make sure that when your stones are laid out on the ground, make sure that each piece pushes both ways against the other. if you want me to send any pics mail me. Hope this helps.

19 Mar, 2012


Nope Sridhar wanted to know...

22 Mar, 2012

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