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Please tell me the name of this INDIAN herb locally called KHARKHARA(kh-r-kh-ra खरखरा) & soothens oral ulcer sores?

Himachal Pradesh, India In

Evergreen everflowering 2ft plant,oppositely sprouted new leaves turn from bronze to green as they mature,softWood stem is brownish green in colour,flower like merigold produce many seeds but smallsized cone shaped with maroon eye at midtop apex



Hello Naxiketa, you forgot to put a picture of the plant so we can see it. Your description for me is not enough. Best would be yes, the flower, then the leaves as close as you can get to give us a clear picture.

20 Jan, 2009


Another suggestion is to type in the word in googles images and then see if you find a picture there of your plant, then click on it and view it and read the description. The botanical name is usually mentioned as well. Good luck.

20 Jan, 2009


Could it be fenugreek Nexiketa ? The leaves can be used like a tea and rinsed around the mouth for ulcers.It has vitamins and minerals and is used in bread and other dishes.

20 Jan, 2009

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