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Chickens in the Garden


By Gillie

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I love my friendly chickens and like having them free range but I would love any suggestions on plants they don't eat. Those they don't eat they dig up and jump on! So suggestions please



Well Gillie, we did have chickens, about a dozen at one stage. We had them in a pen, then let them out mid morning to roam freely on the farm. They would always be back on time by themselves, as we fed them grain inside their pen. They would lay their eggs in their house, but not always, as we did find eggs in the hayshed time and time again. I never dared to eat them, as I didn't know how long they'd been there for. There is a test of freshness by putting them in water, if they float they are no good, sink is good and in between, you better be careful. But as soon as you crack an egg you will smell if it is bad! It is real bad. I think chickens only scratch the ground in between the plants and under trees, to search for worms. I don't think they eat plants as such. Give them foodscraps, vegie peels. fruit bits etc. and they will just scratch for worms. I have never seen a chicken jump on a plant. And their droppings amongst the plants will act as fertiliser, very good. Just watch it for a while and see how they behave. Good luck.

16 Jan, 2009



I wish that was true but my chickens are very naughty. I have had them for two years now and I know. They eat almost anything green there is a very short list of plants they don't eat ie roses, herbs, grasses almost anything else is food. They have scrapped up the lawn and I am replacing it with bark chippings. Go with the flow seems the only way as I like having them free range. One day I will write a book on gardening with chickens.


16 Jan, 2009


Hi Gillie, we only had two chickens we allowed them to wonder the garden free range , they became so friendly , they would come and tap on the kitchen porch door and wait for me to give them grapes which they loved , they were black rocks , as soon as it was dusk they rushed back to their enclosure and hut to roost for the night , two lovely fresh eggs each day , sadly we no longer have them , I would like another couple but as we like to get away sometimes now it means getting someone to look after them .
Yes they do scrap up everything in site , and I can,t tell you of anything much that they won,t have a go at , but to see them wondering free happily grubbing about , I don,t know I think one thing outways another .
They didn,t do to much damage to the lawn , they liked the flower and veg, garden better ,ours were called Milly and Molly .
Good luck with it x

17 Jan, 2009


Hi Amy

I would much rather have my chickens try and get into the house - they have managed it on a couple of occassions! than locked up. They may make me laugh. When they see me at a window they jump on to the window cill and knock. They have totally ruined the lawn but go with the flow and I am putting down more bark chippings. The veg patch is fenced offf!


17 Jan, 2009


Ours got in the kitchen a few times Gillie , the grandchildren thought it was so funny , They would run down the garden to see who would get the warmest egg first . If the eggs piled up I made lemon curd , very tasty .
We put bark down as well , they scrapped that about even more looking for the grubs underneath it lol..
You are making me want some more .. ......:o)

17 Jan, 2009

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