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why should ants be squshed?


By Reii22

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I think this depends on where the Ants are and what they are doing. If in the house track down where they enter and seal it or dust with pepper. If they are farming Aphids on a plant, Squirt water from a hose to wash off the Aphids and then when its dry use the pepper.or stand the plant if potted on a tray surrounded with water,raising the plant pot above the water so it is like on an island as it mustn't get waterlogged. ANTS are a life form and where possible avoid killing them. Their life style is so fascinating that they are more interesting than many plants.

9 Jan, 2009


I'm glad you said that, Poaanua, I was about to say - why should they be squashed? Are they a nuisance or dangerous across the pond?

9 Jan, 2009


and i third that, i avoid killing anything i don't have to (except slugs! lol) Have you ever seen the film Anz, Reii? think you may not want to squash them after seeing this.

9 Jan, 2009


I believe in the old addage of "live and let live" in most cases unless you are experiencing a negative impact. I have two sons and 3 grandchildren who are severely allergic to ant bites. Due to this issue, my entire place must be totally ant free. Every spring the hunt begins for all anthills.

9 Jan, 2009


That's a special case, though, Skippy. You wouldn't want ALL ants killed in other places away from your own environment, would you?

9 Jan, 2009


Ants belong in nature. They aid in pollination and tidy up in the garden, well, mine do at least. I have 5 different kind of ants in my garden and they don't really hurt me. But yes, if I invade their domain accidentally they will hit back!
I do understand the lawn should be ant free, if you have kids playing on it. Sometimes there are just too many of them and as Skippy says, some people are allergic to bites. So yes, I would spray the lawn, but better still, follow the ants and get rid of their nest by sprinkling pallets on them and they will take them into their nest and feed from the poison and die. Squashing ants is not going to do anything at all, as ants migrate through the garden from plant to plant, collecting nectar, from debris to debris ( dead insects ) to tidy up. Unless you find both ends or even more ( they can have tens of nests with which they communicate ) and get them there, squashing them is a waste of energy. My pets often lie on the lawn, but the ants go around them, as I have never seen them bothered by these.

10 Jan, 2009

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