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I am looking for seeds or propagation material of a plant called "gandana" by Afghani people. It is small, with a flat leaf and small white heads. It is not a shallot, it is not a clove like garlic. It has a mild, garlicy oniony flavor. I used to see it in a community garden, where Afghans would come from many miles away to buy it. Very highly prized, and NOT a shallot. At least not a large one with a papery skin. Any help?



I've just done a google search and there are several sites that say it is an Indian name and one site says that the Indians call our Achillea 'Gandana' and another site is an Ayurvedic site that also says achillea's used in their products (i've not known of it used in Ayurvedic meds though).

13 Jun, 2011


Do a search on garlic chives, Allium tuberosum. It sounds like your description as it has flat leaves, white blossoms and the garlicky flavour is mild.

13 Jun, 2011

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