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By Desiray

northampton, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone tell me how to distin'guish whether my cotinus is a royal purple or a grace variety,they both look very similar to me

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Royal Purple has dark red/purple foliage and Grace is green leaved with purple/pink flower plumes. Grace also looks as if it is goingto have red foliage because new young growth is red turning green then red again in the autumn.

12 Jun, 2011


thanks scotsgran for the imformation,i think i have a very fine specimen of royal purple but the leaves on mine are a lot bigger than the one in my neighbours garden.perhaps someone has an explanation

13 Jun, 2011


Post a photograph of your shrub in case its something entirely different, desiray! Otherwise, cause of better growth could just be better growing conditions for it.

13 Jun, 2011

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