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Hi how u doing? New to this but here goes.. HELP ! We have a very dead Kilmarnock Willow (it's not been well for some time) Rust I think is what its called anyways I treated it last year and this and did what it said on the instructions..this yr it tried to behave looked promising but now its a stick & dead..We have a large decked area at the end of our back garden 40' x 20' thats why I bought the large barrels - I have 3 down either side to break up the expanse of decking (inherited) Twisted willows in 2 of them, a red robin tree in another wiegela in another acer mushroom shaped filigree?? I think thats the name? leaves anyway very delicate brolly type shape (nice) and hasnt died on us :)) I need to buy another tree type or at least tallish type replacement for poor dead willow, needs to be tallish cos I plant the barrels with flowers and trailers etc so I need something in the middle with height/interest etc and also to balance this big deck..we have great views over it cos we're high up and private, would prefer backfilled and lawn borders but not an option no access unless as a neighbour suggested demolish garage !!! or barrow it in thru back gate (3') !!!! both no no's :( Soz to go on.. ok u get the picture we are not accomplished knowledgeable gardeners but we err I lol am trying so any suggestions will be eagerly accepted, many thanks guys, Lindylou x



Had you thought about a fruit tree on dwarfing rootstock? It would have to be a self fertile one. Or you might like one of the narrow (fastigiate) berberis - there is a red leaved one called Helmond Pillar, and a gold one whose name I forget. The red one will eventually grow to about 5 feet tall but remain very narrow, and would look nice with blue flowers around the base. There's another red one called Red Rocket but I think it gets rather wider as it matures.

12 Jun, 2011


Thank you so much for the suggestions - will definitely take the list to the garden centre :)

13 Jun, 2011

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