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ive purchased an exochorda macrantha, [the bide] this was delivered in a pot, it has three healthy looking stems, and i would like to know , where is best to plant it, and how deep do i dig the hole, i love gardening, but realy want to be a bit more adventurous,
ive never grown a small tree like plant, and i realy dont want to mess up.

so any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

thanx wendy

On plant Exochorda



This shrub prefers full sun, but the flower display lasts a bit longer if planted in partial shade (only partial, mind). It'll need a space at least 3 feet across - this one has a rather weeping habit and makes a sort of mound. Does not like thin, chalky soils, and does better if you add a bit of compost to the ground before planting. Prune immediately after flowering each year, removing all the spent flowered stems, and tidying up any dead bits or thin, weak wood. Lovely in flower, but it is a short lived display, and it is deciduous. Keep well watered until autumn. Height and spread after ten years, about 6 feet.

10 Jun, 2011

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