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I have had an apple tree in my garden for the last 10-12 years. We get a really good and healthy crop each year. This winter we also planted two pear trees and three cherry trees. Two of the cherry trees are quite healthy at the moment, one has just started showing very small holes in a few of the leaves and faint browning of the edges. Initially the pear trees seemed to be healthy but as the leaves have grown they've turned brown at the edges and curled upwards. Some are also raggedy at the edges. I have watered them frequently and also given a liquid feed ...can't remember it's name though! Whilst concerned about the new additions, the bigger worry is my apple tree which is also suffering from a similar problem. Some leaves have almost circle brown line patterns, others look as if they're experiencing autumn already. This seems to be affecting the whole tree rather than just a few leaves. I've looked for insects but can't see any with the naked eye. Although we have only one apple tree there are many in the area. Could something be infecting all the fruit trees or is it weather? We live in the north east of England, about 5 miles from the coast.
Please help if you can!



Photographs would help here - when you say brown circle lines, that possibly suggests some kind of leaf miner, but frankly, nothing springs to mind other than drought, which isn't likely in a tree that old.

14 Jun, 2011


I've tried uploading photos but the system keeps crashing when I do!

15 Jun, 2011


Have you resized them? They need to be under a certain size or they won't be accepted.

15 Jun, 2011

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