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By Memnoch

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all fellow garden lovers, I have question regarding my leylandii hedge. I have recently bought a house which has a hedge at the bottom of the garden, before i moved in though someone put up some new fence panels and clearly butchered the bas of the hedge as you can see in the pictures. As the neighbours who are clearly unapproachable have now put plastic spikes on top of there 5 foot fence which look hideous and i am worried about my cats being hurt on them. there is also a gap about 12-18 inches from the top of the fence to where the hedge has been cut to. My question is wether i could plant some more leylandii in between the current trees where the gaps are to fill and bring the hedge back to how it used to be, or wether they would grow up to the existing hedge and simply die out as they have no where to go etc. basically i want to get my privacy back as easily as possible. Any ideas anyone and thanks very much in advance?




the cats wont get hurt by the fence. our neighbour has this and his cats happily climb over into my garden.
as for the hedge problem, I dont know what to advise, the ground will be very dry and nutrient deficient so unless you plan to water regularly any plant you put in will struggle to grow.
sorry not muc help there. :o)

8 Jun, 2011


You are never going to be happy with this what ever you try? I would bite the bullet and remove the lot and replace with fast growing hedging, several to choose from such as Thuja plicata, Escallonia, Yew and laurel.

9 Jun, 2011

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