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Wisterical whimsy!............

Sorry to be asking questions again - I have lots - not all about gardening?

Anyhoo.............. Recently I bought a couple of Wisterias from the local Garden Centre - one of those two for one offers, although it was easy to see where they'd increased the price of the one to cover the other - it pleases me to let them think I'm daft!
Thing is!........... Although the labels say they are the same they're very much behaving differently? The one I've planted out the front is very sulky with minimal growth, the new tendrils are quite thin and pathetic, and the new leaves are quite wan with a definite russet colour. The other one still in its barely adequate pot out the back, is a positive thug of a plant, thick vigorous tendrils with honest to goodness bright green leaves aplenty - it's put on twice the growth of the two although they were bought at the same time and size.

Do I replace the front one with the one still in its pot? - Are they different? - Is the Sulky one just finding its feet?

Oh, and I've given them both a sequestered tonic, watering with a weak Tomorite feed and giving them plenty of rainwater to drink.

Thoughts anyone?

I could take pic's if that would help????

Cheers for now.....................


On plant Eric!



Yes, pics would help, particularly of the one in the ground that's not doing well. Not enough water strikes me as a possibility. Recommend you don't feed any more, or give any more treatments - these plants don't need acid conditions so don't bother with the sequestrene, nor worry about only giving rainwater, tap's fine, and tomato food, weak or otherwise, is not the best food to use on this plant - it needs a more balanced, all round feed that isn't high in potash at this time of year - if you were going to feed at all, which I wouldn't now. Other question I've got is, what is the difference between the conditions for the one in the pot and the one in the ground in terms of light/sunlight? Is one receiving more sun than the other? And when you planted the one in the ground, how did you prepare its planting area?

8 Jun, 2011


Crikey Bamboo..............

If it wasn't for the fact that I've treated the plants the same I'd say I'd just about done everything wrong that is possible? - [grinning of course].
I shall make haste and take a couple of pic's, give me a short while to get my act together though.
Regards aspect............. The good one faces South west, on the East side so gets the Sun in the morning till about Lunch - the Sickly one Faces West catching the Sun as it rounds the House [Early afternoon] until Sundown.

Oh - ps - I do remember looking at the root balls and the sickly ones did look a bit sparse and brown - I thought it just needed planting out and loving a bit?
I actually put this one in because it looked possibly a year older by the woodyness [sic] of its stem/s.

Pic's to follow...........................

pps - thanks for your timely response.

8 Jun, 2011


Here we go then with a few pic's to hopefully shed a bit of light on the subect??

HANG ON ..................... I can't see how to add pic's from this page???

8 Jun, 2011


Actually Bamboo..............

I've now given up........... I've just spent over an hour uploading these pic's, then I can't put them in the follow up reply.
So I try and put them in the original message [and now it wants me to load them from my computer- again] - after waiting an age for the server????? to do its thing [an ongoing irritation] - it tells me it's made a mistake and would I like to try again.

I'm afraid the Wisteria is going to have to take its chances on this occasion - Thanks for your intended help though.

Life is just a little bit too short for this kind of technical bureaucracy.

Cheers for now.

8 Jun, 2011


You could just add them to your Photos and let me know they're there - and it might be that you've not downsized the pictures sufficiently for them to be accepted?
You did make me laugh though, yes, I guess it does seem you did everything wrong, lol, but not really. I suspect the one you planted may not have been particularly healthy when you got it (which might be why it was in a 2 for 1 offer) but actually, that's the one which would have been best being potted up in good compost and cossetted a bit till it was recovered sufficiently to be planted out. Might be worth heaving it out now and potting it up if its not done much in terms of growth.

8 Jun, 2011


Ok - Gotcha,

They are in my "porfolio" of pic's. this is why I got frustrated by being asked to upload them twice.
I'm not exactly Bill Gates but there again this site isn't the most intuitive to navigate around!! - Not wishing to sound ungrateful you understand?

I've only got a few pic's all told so it should be easy to figure out which they are? - I've uploaded a pic of each plant and its appropriate aspect - The pot is the front sickly one - the back is the one with the signs and the jungle mess in!!

I know what I mean - doesn't help you though does it??


Oh ......... taa again.

8 Jun, 2011


Been and had a look - the first two appear to be wisteria plants, can't tell if they're the same one or not though, the third pic is of a rather nicely planted paved area. If the first pic is the 'sickly' one, I can't tell the difference between it and the second one. And really what I was after was a pic from further back, so I could see exactly what they were growing in, in terms of both pot and ground. But let's clarify something - in your question, you mentioned that the healthy one is still in a smallish pot, but that you'd planted out the unhealthy one. Your last response appears to suggest it's the other way around - which is correct?

8 Jun, 2011


Ah! - I can see the confusion - my fault entirely.

The one with the old sign in the background is the rudely healthy plant, and in the paved area photo you can place the location [which will be where it lives] by sighting the bottom corner of the sign.
It will be allowed to rise and then be trailed left and right along the fence through assorted Trees/bushes/shrubs and over garage/shed etc.

The sickly plant is at the front door behind the big planter = [POT - I'm sorry for the confusion].
It actually is planted in the small stone covered border behind aforementioned planter, this was dug out to a good 12" depth, and after treating with a thorough dusting of Blood Fish and Bone was replaced with good riddled topsoil mixed with a Peat based compost, and the stone was replaced as a topping.
This Sickly looking plant has grown - and generally does look marginally better than when I planted it - but rather more poorly than its sibling.
Most notably by the rather thin tendrils and those strangely coloured new leaves that seem to open with little enthusiasm and stay quite small for quite some time before slowly growing.
As mentioned the other plant [Paved area with sign] is disgustingly vigorous.

I don't want to make an issue of this, and it seems to already bear some relationship to an episode of "Dick Barton Special Agent" - So if nothing comes to mind, please don't lose any sleep over the solution.


8 Jun, 2011


Right, think I've got it straight now - I can't see the base of the wisteria behind the pot at the front, the one you think is sickly, but I suspect you may have planted it very close to the wall? As I say, its hard to tell because its not visible at the base. No plant should be less than a foot to 18 inches away from a wall, because its a very dry place to be, could that be the problem?

9 Jun, 2011


If it's supposed to be 18inches away from the wall ? - Then Yes ............. this could be the problem as it's really quite hard against the foundations.
There is no way it can be brought forward so I'll have to make the effort to water regularly [It's behind the planter which is watered at least once a day so that should be no hardship].
If it's obviously failing I'll move it and rethink my "design" for the area.
If it manages to make a go of it at least I'll know its a fighter and deserves its place.

AGAIN.................... Many thanks for your continued help.

Cheers till next time................ Wyeth.


9 Jun, 2011


I wondered what KBO meant - found out after going to your profile page to look at the pics!

9 Jun, 2011



9 Jun, 2011

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