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can i move poppies in june they are not in flower yet what is the best way to do it i either move them or lose them need your help thanks for any sugestions



hi i think personally i would leave them till they have flowered.collect the seeds and set but they will self seed and set anyway good luck.

7 Jun, 2011


If its move or lose you have nothing to lose by trying, but they are very touchy about being moved. You will need a good root ball (try to take a lot of earth on a spade rather than just digging near the plant, so as not to damage the root hairs)and a quick move into a prepared hole. Fill the hole with water before you backfill. Keep your eye on them as they wilt very quickly. And don't hold your breath! Good luck.

7 Jun, 2011


I did it last year at this time - and it survived! Mine was an oriental poppy. I did have to water it quite frequently, as Steragram says.

7 Jun, 2011


thanks to everyone who answered my question iam very gratefull and will give it a go i have about 16 poppies to move or collect seeds from so will give all suggestions a go thankyou again i will let you know how i get on

8 Jun, 2011


It also depends which 'poppy' you are referring to, is this papavera, mecanopsis or one of the many other plants called a 'poppy'?

8 Jun, 2011

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