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Osteospermum buds turn yellow and then just droop.

Older blooms have withered normally. New buds never took off.
I have been watering it once in two/three days. There was showers and cloudy weather throughout last week; No sun for most of the daytime.

Is it because of weather?
too much water?
or less water?


On plant Osteospermum



It sounds to me like not enough water. Has it been quite breezy where you are? The wind is good at stripping water from plants, even if it's not sunny. Think of a good drying day for laundry - it does the same for plants.

7 Jun, 2011


Thanks Beattie,
Yes it was breezy and windy.

The plant container in which Osteospremum is planted, has been wet and moist all through the week.
So, I was little hesitant to put more water and since it was raining and cold, I thought I should not overwater.

Now, it looks to me it needs little more water.
Today Sun is back and hope the buds will do good.

7 Jun, 2011

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