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Unusual weed on lawn?
Over the past three days, these tiny yellow flowers have appeared all over the fairly large patches...and the areas look scorches in between the patches.

Anyone got any idea what this is? The photograph below is as close up as I can take it...tiny yellow flowers...and what should I treat it with? Will it need re-seeded when this is removed?

Imgp0980 Imgp0977



Bird's foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus)? A clover type lawn weed if it is that, not easy to get rid of, none of the clover ones are. Might be best to dig it out and then relevel and seed.

6 Jun, 2011


We have just been out there...and there are SO many large patches, Bamboo. If we dig it up, we'll have nothing left! Can we try treating it with something for the remainder of the summer ...and then dig it up in the Autumn and re-seed then?...that's my husband's query to you...he doesn't want loads of bare patches from June-August, I guess! LOL.

6 Jun, 2011


You can try Lawn Weed and Feed, but I doubt it'll touch it. Otherwise, try Verdone, watered on. Just for interest's sake, Verdone used to have an ingredient which killed clover wonderfully well, but it turned out to be carcinogenic and was taken out of the formulation.

6 Jun, 2011


I go along with Verdone as Bamboo says, but if you can find a lawn weedkiller with 24D or 245T which Bamboo referred to, if the weather is on the wet side in your area you will need to weedkill in June, July and August. The bare patches will have to wait. The extent of the trefoil is too large to dig out.

6 Jun, 2011


Thanks Bamboo! We'll try one or t'other.

We also noticed there are dead looking areas on the lawn where grass looks totally parched...straw-like! We realise that the long drought conditions haven't helped but I think we should aerate the whole lawn again. I have watered it with the sprinkler on a few occasions but am reluctant t do so more frequently as out water meter bills are extortionate!

Have you ever used an aerator machine? I used to do it manually...but those days are over!

6 Jun, 2011


Thanks Doctorbob...didn't see your comment. Yep! Hubby agrees that the amount to be dealt with is quite extensive...too many areas to dig out at this point! We'll try to find a weedkiller...:-)))

6 Jun, 2011


You will have to get the top 4ins. wet before you will get any success with a hollow tine spiker, I would say work on the weedkiller first.

6 Jun, 2011


Hi Izzy,

I have to agree with Doctorbob...

I have had good results with the 2,4D treatment on my lawn bindweed problem...It's going to take repeated treatments until I get them all but, so far it's really encouraging...
Good luck!

8 Jun, 2011


Will try that, Karen...haven't had a minute this week!
Hope you're well!

8 Jun, 2011

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