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Can anyone identify this plant. I know it's a Euphorbia but can anyone tell me which species? Thanks




Ah, yes! I looked this up the other day for someone on here, then in the afternoon I visited a friend and she had it in her garden.

It's caper spurge, otherwise known as E.lathyris :-)

5 Jun, 2011


Must be a lot of it blooming in the UK, Beattie! I've seen this question a number of times over the last week.

6 Jun, 2011


I'm sure you're right, Tug. Strange, isn't it, how you get the same question over and over again for a few weeks or months, then another one becomes THE question on everyone's keyboard. The cordyline wails got pretty boring, didn't they?

I only joined last May, so I'm interested to see if the same "Questions of the month" turn up again. It struck me last summer, when I realised that the "What's this strange plant that's appeared ....." questions were all either Jimson weed or Shoofly plant.

6 Jun, 2011


Thanks for your help. :o)

6 Jun, 2011

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