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Thank you very much for your prompt replies. I am even more confused now as it could be a wasp but it had an hairy body like a bee. If it is a wasp, and there must have been about 20 of them in a small area all making burrows in the soil, what has been eating my rose leaves and a couple of euonymus. I have put stuff down for slugs, caught quite a few very small black ones. I know I have vine weevils and put stuff down for them. Used all the usual bug sprays and still cannot discover what is doing this damage. Any advice would be appreciated.



Marjorie, it could be leaf cutter bees taking large pieces of your leaves to make their nests.

5 Jun, 2011


Sorry Marjorie, I have just seen your original question. I see you have already discussed leaf cutter bees. We could see for certain if you post a photo.

5 Jun, 2011

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