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Planted polyanthus tuberosa bulbs about 6weeks ago and they're not growing. What have I done wrong?I put 10 in a large oblong planter about 6cm apart. Have removed them from the pot and they all have small White nodules on them, what does this mean.

On plant Polyanthus tuberose.



I planted mine about 8 weeks ago and there is still no sign of anything, haven't actually dug them to have a look though. I tried last year and was unsuccessful too. No idea why.

5 Jun, 2011


I tried one year to no avail. I have heard that they are difficult. I think they might do better in a conservatory.

5 Jun, 2011


I'd heard the same - that it's difficult to get them to grow.
I found this useful question was asked just a short time ago -

5 Jun, 2011


They need considerable heat to sprout--soil temps above 25ยบ C. A sunny greenhouse or conservatory may be necessary to start them in a timely fashion, in the UK.

6 Jun, 2011


Even in my conservatory they took in excess of six weeks.
I soaked them once every ten days or so. I wouldn't even attempt to start them off outdoors in the UK - you have no control over watering or temperature.
If they do come through, it is normal for the first leaves to look as if something has been chewing them.

6 Jun, 2011

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