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My poor Begonia!

I'm really not very sure what to do with this poor's all wilted on one side and really not very happy :O(

Any suggestions on how to help it would be more than welcome.

Thanks :O)




Hi Misscupcake,

I am no expert at all, but i do like mybegonia's, i would try repotting it in new compost in a smaller container so it does'nt look like it has wilted, when you have taken it out of the pot be carefull but try to remove the compost from the side where it has wilted and see if the corm has rotted away, if it has get a sharp knife and cut it the wroten corm away, I would then use some dry compost on that side and try to water it on the good side for a while to try and let it repair it's self on the bad side, hope this makes sense, happy garndening


5 Jun, 2011


Check whether it's got a fungal infection - they're prone to mildew, but that looks like either physical damage, or rotting from the base. Was it planted into fresh compost and a clean pot?

5 Jun, 2011


I did pot it in a nice clean pot with fresh compost. I will try and re pot it again as you suggest. It would be a shame to lose it it's so lovely.

Thanks for taking the time to answer :O)

5 Jun, 2011


Maybe you have overwatered it Misscupcake. Try letting it dry out a bit. Overwatering is worse than underwatering. Good luck, hope it comes back OK for you.

14 Jun, 2011


Unfortunately my poor begonia wilted away to nothing :O( No matter what I did it just was not happy. Such a shame it was so beautiful!

14 Jun, 2011



15 Jun, 2011

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