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By Oldwood

West Lothian, United Kingdom Gb

I've a teenage victoria plum (15ft high) that has it would seem set every flower of a copious spring blossoming. It is absolutely loaded.

There will be the 'June Drop' but it's impact I suspect may be slight. The boughs are already drooping. When do I go in and do a major cutting out of excess fruit to reduce damage to the tree, improve the quality of the fruit and ensure that next year isn't totally barren.

At least I can do a proper prune of the tree without any conscience of lost fruit.


On plant Victoria Plum



My book says 'before late June, thin out the fruitlets to leave one every 5cm (2")'. Sounds like that will take some time on your tree...

4 Jun, 2011


Thanks Bamboo - I think I'd better start now ! The 2" sounds about right for a reasonable crop.


4 Jun, 2011

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