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what plants can cope with two large dogs charging through it, the male peeing on everything new I plant? Thank you but I don't need advice on how look after my dogs I was looking for the best plants to withstand the damage my dogs are capable of doing



I find it difficult not to take offence at this question so will refrain from answering.

3 Jun, 2011


is it not possible to put a temp barrier/fence around the new plants until they are established enough to cope? must admit we only have a westy but when she has a rumbly tummy, she likes to dig? [maybe makes her feel more comfy?] and it does get a little frustrating when she digs up the new plantings. the lawn is her domain,not my borders,but tolerance and a little coercian seems to be my compromise

4 Jun, 2011


If, as seems implied, you are unable to protect new plants from the ravages of your dogs, then the answer to your question is nothing. The most hardy and resilient of plants will not be able to cope with that kind of treatment when young and newly planted, I'm afraid. If you could erect some protection around them for the first couple of years, then'd you'd have a chance with tough plants such as Prunus laurocerasus, or anything which develops a thick, woody base, but dogs charging about and weeing all over them when they're young means they're unlikely to survive long enough to reach that stage.

4 Jun, 2011

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