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I have a Rhubarb plant which has been a good producer for decades and is up to 2m x 2m in its prime. This year after picking the first crop the remainder has spindly stems which lie on the floor. I have watered it on every dry evening as I have always done. Help please.



Ours are the same too. Maybe the weather? We are alos wondering what to do, and as you said we just are keep watering the plant...

3 Jun, 2011


Mine's poor this year as well, and we're in drought here, though I did notice a big improvement in one of the plants after a mulch of well composted manure and extra soaking by both me and a torrential downpour 2 weeks ago. I've decided not to crop from them this year, hoping they'll recover after a year's rest and be better next year. In your case though, if the plant's that big, is it not time to dig it up and split it and replant anyway? Not now, obviously, while its hot, but when its appropriate?

3 Jun, 2011


Same situation here - in my and also my friend's gardens.

Never been like this before.

3 Jun, 2011


Me too. Watering has helped a bit but they are still pathetic.

4 Jun, 2011

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