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How often should I change the soil in pots? Quite a few of my bulbs are all leaf and no flower. What can I do?



Spring bulbs ? Sounds like they needed a good feed? After flowering they need a good feed and the foliage left on for 6 weeks or they will not flower the next year and I suspect you have not done this each year? Although I leave my bulbs in the ground from year to year I dont in pots ( lift after 6 weeks post flowering) and I change the compost every year when I plant the bulbs. I would say any goodness in most bought compost is gone in 2-3 months, and soil needs humus and feeding to. Feed them now lift after the 6 weeks, store and repot in new compost in the autumn and fingers crossed.

2 Jun, 2011


I leave mine in their pots, give them a good feed with fertilizer for bulbs, and put them in the back until it;s time to clean the surface in the fall. Overcrowding can make a difference in performance, so I repot about every 3 years.

2 Jun, 2011


Thank you Drc726. I had a horrid feeling the answer would be something like this. I have only bought in tender bulbs. I now have summer bulbs in the same pots. Is it possible to feed them all after they have finished blooming and then take them all out?

9 Jun, 2011


Thank you wylienthea. I am not feeding with a bulb fertilizer so will do so. I think all the pots need changing when my Summer bulbs are finished. I have about 20 in varying sizes.

9 Jun, 2011

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