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My Cordyline australisis has green leaves but some of them are browning at the ends. additionally some leaves half way up the crown are also brown, it survived the winter but i'm not sure whats wrong with it can some one help please

thanks Bamboo, i think the trunk is ok but i must admit its in a pot and i've just repotted it as it was a little pot bound so the drought thing might be the cause, will go and water it now before i do anything else and hopefully it'll be ok, as it is now 15 years old and enormous, esp since most have died around this area, so i felt quite proud to still have mine, anyway i digress thanks again for your advice



If its growing from the top, then its okay - the brown leaves are probably left from the winter. If its not growing at the top, you may need to check the trunk from top to bottom, looking for soft or soggy areas, blackened areas, anything like that. This will be damage from the winter, and if you find it, you will need to chop off back to healthy trunk. Brown tips at the ends of newly grown leaves could indicate drought or excessive wind.

1 Jun, 2011

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