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Can anyone tell us what this plant is. It is quite large, with hairy leaves and two types of flower. It grew last year, but the snails got it, this year they did not get a chance!

Dsc_0466 Dsc_0474



Rodgersia podophylla

30 May, 2011


It's definately not rodgersia, unless there's a new variety out. The rodgersia pod.. I have has leaves similar to horse chestnut, which is what most forms of Rodgersia have.
What do the 'other' flowers look like, as the long spike of small flowers looks to me like a form of wild Tolmiea, pick a back plant, growing below the larger plant.

1 Jun, 2011


Thank you for the comment above, i have put on a new photo of the other flower. I have looked up the rodgersia and it does not look right to me. Any other idea, the second flower is very unusual.

2 Jun, 2011


As Justin says not rodgersia with that flower... sorry no idea!

2 Jun, 2011


That's a much better picture, but sadly I have never seen it before. But to be sure that all see it, with the new pics, I'd re ask the question. I'm sure Beattie or Bamboo will know.

2 Jun, 2011


Thanks I will try again

2 Jun, 2011


Thanks the Royal Hort have come back with a name that looks right its a Salvia sclarea.

Thanks again

3 Jun, 2011


Funnily enough, I have got one that looks like the top picture but not the bottom one and I bought it as a Verbascum - huge leaves and insignificant purple flowers. It keeps seeding itself all over the garden and even in cracks between the concrete. Are you sure it's not two different plants?

4 Jun, 2011


I have checked and it is the same plant - strange!

8 Jun, 2011

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