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I have a Zestar and another dwarf apple tree that have not leafed out yet. I live in Minnesota and the weather is cool and wet. Will they get leaves soon or is there something that could be wrong? The buds are still dark, not green.



If you are near the Great Lakes, it will just now be getting warm enough to stimulate bud break. Keep an eye on the buds, because I would expect to see green points within the next week or two. Farther from the Lakes, the nights may still be too close to freezing to allow the buds to wake up, especially on a northern exposure.
Another thing to check is the bark of the twigs: if the inner bark is greenish, then the twig is alive, and it is just a matter of time; if the inner bark is dryish and brown, the twig has died, and you will want to check the older twigs more towards the center of the tree.

28 May, 2011

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