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Why are my pears fallen off my Concorde
tree, all the leaves have brown spots on them
this is the second year from me planting them
but I have not really pruned back is this my problem,
please help I am just a novice.

On plant Trev from doncaster



Pear scab causes greyish greeny spots on the leaves and usually blackish brown scabby patches on the fruits, but usually the fruit remains on the tree; common in overcrowded unpruned trees and in damp weather. Pear midge can cause all the fruit to be lost, but doesn't usually cause spotting on the leaves. I think a photograph might help, or did you observe that the fruits started going brown on the ends first before dropping? Any scabby blackened areas on the ends of stems where the fruits were?

27 May, 2011


I got your PM and have looked at the pics - nothing very startling there, doesn't look particularly scabby. Really would be useful if you could remember what happened to the fruits before they fell and how big they were when they did. It's natural for some fruits to fall (its called June drop) but not for all - is it possible the tree suffered drought? New trees, whatever they are, need at least 2 gallons of water weekly during their first 2 or 3 years, so if you had a dry, hot April like most of the country, that's the most likely cause of loss of the fruits.

28 May, 2011

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