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something is eating the leaves on my laurels and there are also holes in the leaves. I was wondering if this was either vine weevils or shot leaf or something else. i have tried vine weevil killer and looked for copper sulphate based chemical to try on one of the bushes to see if it was shot leaf or a combination, but cannot seem to find anything at local garden centres. Can anyone offer any advice on the possibilities



I've got an infestation on my viburnum tinus which sounds very much what you describe, with lots of small holes and generally a rather brown and manky look. I discovered tiny caterpillars on the undersides of the leaves. They look like sawfly larvae. I have just left them to get on with it as I have a boxful of baby blue-tits nearby! I think the bush will recover eventually but it is very unsightly at present.

26 May, 2011

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