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By Mojay

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have been given 3 'Stick strawberry plants, these are not normal strawberries. Apparently you can eat the leaves and stems and they taste of ,,,,you got it,,,,, strawberries. Does anyone know anything about them? Where to plant? How big do they get? Harvest? etc..... Help needed!!!!



Chenopodium capitatum is the plant you mean I think - edible leaves, edible fruits which look a bit like small loganberries or raspberries. Not as sweet as strawberries, don't eat too many of the leaves raw, they're full of oxalates, as many as you like if cooked. Growing appears to be as for strawberries - sun, reasonable soil, keep watered. also known as strawberry spinach, strawberry blite, don't consume too many fruits at once, excessive consumption means you're eating too many of the seeds which can be toxic (according to Wikipedia) - but chocolate's toxic if you eat too much of it, so don't panic about that.

26 May, 2011

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