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I brought a phormium sundowner online, in a 10lt pot. When it arrived it was in 5.5lt pot. The nursery that suppled it, said the plant was the correct size even though it's in a pot half the size. Can you give me some advice, as I'm not sure that's right. Mark Pattenden

Sundowner_003 Sundowner_006



Well, you could argue that the goods supplied were not as described, and get your money back, but to be honest, that's a fine looking plant, whatever size pot it came in, so its up to you really. If you paid a premium price because it was in a 10 litre pot, then argue the case - it certainly looks as if it will need a bigger pot fairly soon though.

26 May, 2011


I would check if there is a price difference between 5 and 10 litre pots and ask for the difference from them. I would keep the plant though as it is a good size and looks attractive. Judging by other Phormiums I have seen in GCs the one supplied is large.

26 May, 2011

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