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Hi, I have this bunch of rocket lettuce growing nicely with lovely flowers in my garden and I want it to have seeds so I can plant more so my question is should I just leave the plant and not pick the leaves or what should I do. Thanks for your help. My email address is



Fatoucoker, putting personal information in your question is something of a risk, since this is a public forum. I would use the "Edit Question" link to remove the e-mail address, and rely on us to answer in the "Answers" column, or to send you a private message, which only you can see.

As for letting the Rocket Lettuce set seed, it will do that faster and more abundantly if you don't remove any more leaves.

28 May, 2011


Fatou, can you please let me know how your rocket salad is going.

I recently moved to Ghana, would love to grow rocket salad in my garden. I am new to gardening. Do you have any tips for me.

16 Mar, 2012

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