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Electronic Insect Repelling Devices.

Has anyone any experience of these? Do they work? And if so, do they work on bees? Wife is allergic to bee stings, we like the critters in the garden but not in the house and rather than kill them we were wondering if one of these gadgets would help.
Rather urgent request as we are being invaded by them at present.



If it's mig's bitting you, you want to get this
Skin so soft original dry oil body spray from makes Avon

It works

Not sure if it works on bees ??

25 May, 2011


My sister recently gave me one but I still had two mosquitoes flying about the room so I would stick to the ones that have insect killer in them, much as I hate to kill bees.

25 May, 2011


Don't want to keep them off the body, only out of the house. bit hard to put Insect repellent all over the house! And mosquitoes are not a problem only bees.

25 May, 2011


...are they honey bees?

If so, there is probably a hive nearby. Then, you can locate it by following their homeward direction in the evening and you can probably find someone in your area who will happily collect them all up and relocate them...

...if not...I don't know, sorry...

25 May, 2011


No, they are small black bees with a white bottom and now I know why they are coming into the house. They are in the roof, between the tiles and the ceiling. Bit of a problem really.

25 May, 2011


Owdboggy...get the men in! There are people who can sort this!...nature is wonderful...but....

25 May, 2011


British bee keepers accociation may help or local bee keeper and the local council's pest man will help (council pest man will not kill them help to move them)

26 May, 2011


The local council only remove wasps nests. The bees are in the space between the roof tiles and the ceiling. The only way to get at them would be to remove either the roof tiles or the ceiling inside. There is no way the tiles can be removed without it costing a huge amount of money and I am not taking the ceiling down, I only put it up a couple of years ago.
We think they are a type of bee which will soon hatch out its grubs and go elsewhere. At least the description I gave to a bee expert came back as that type. We shall see.
If not, then I will have to see if I can drill a hole in the ceiling and spray insecticide in through a very narrow tube.
At least they are definitely not Honey bees, so they do not sting so readily.

26 May, 2011

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