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By Garrdio

Wales Wal

This is my victoria plum tree, it stands about 10ft. tall and it is about 6 years old. It has only ever produced very few plums, it seems to put all of its energy into new shoots and foliage.
How should I prune it as it looks over-crowded with shoots and branches.




Actually, Garrdio, it looks about right for a young tree. I might thin out some of the crowded twigs and crossing branches this February, but not more than 25% of the canopy. Pruning more than this will prevent much of the bloom you would get ordinarily. I would also feed it with a fertilizer low in nitrogen, and high in phosphate and potash late this summer--that will encourage the tree to put more energy into flower buds. Double check your present fertilizer program, because too much nitrogen can cause the tree to put more of its energy into growth, until it gets older. If it is blooming well, but still not producing, it may be a pollination problem--either lack of a compatible mate, or lack of bees to carry the pollen.

26 May, 2011


Thanks for the advice.

The tree did produce a fair amount of blossom but about 90% of it didn't set fruit.
I do have a opal plum tree also in the garden, which did have some blossom at the same time, this tree also failed with fruit.

26 May, 2011


Hmm. Sounds like lack of bees, then, unless they bloomed at different times. A feather duster on a stake may be in order for next spring, then. Pollinate early in the morning, and hope your neighbors aren't up early!

28 May, 2011


Feather duster, good idea, spring cleaning in the garden!


28 May, 2011

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