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Hi Everyone,
Is there anybody out there who grows melons. My grandson bought a packet of seeds and planted them, there were 4 in the packet and they all germinated and are now between 7 and 10 inches high. They are in the green house and he now has them in 10" pots, but niether he or I know what he should do next. Do they need to be in hot sun or should they be shaded, how often should they be watered, at present he is keeping them moist, but not water logged. I really want them to produce fruit as it is his first attempt at green house growing but is really keen on any sort of gardening so if anyone could give him any advice it would be greatly appreciated. He is 10yrs old hence the request has come from me, but the questions are his.The melons are Edonis F1 Hybrid



Go up to the search box on the top right hand side and put in - growing melons. Bertiefox answered this question in 2009 and has given loads of tips on how to grow them. Good luck and don't forget to "hang" the melons in the plastic things that oranges come in or old tights as they are quite heavy when they get going.

24 May, 2011


I entered 'growing melons UK' in the Google box and came up with a site - easier to find it by Google because it goes straight to the page about growing melons in greenhouses rather than having to search through the site if you go there direct. Looks like, if you've no soil beds in the greenhouse, you'll need growbags, and string and something to use as nets or slings to support the fruits once they start growing.

24 May, 2011


...I live in the Charente...from which melons are famous.

around here, you make a largish patch available, spread LOTS of manure...and sow in a sunny spot...

24 May, 2011

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